26 January 2011

Update on U of MN Clinical Trials

Now I have a better understanding of what is happening at the U of MN Schulze Diabetes Institute. I am now not surprised about not hearing anything from them. I just appreciate that Scott Johnson wrote his blog January 24, 2011 here. He covered his conversation with a participant of the clinical trials. Read his blog for information on that.

I appreciate his links to the Schulze Diabetes Institute web site which gives me insight into what is happening. From Scott's blog, it is clear that the clinical trials are much different from what happened in Russia and are being done in New Zealand. Here they are using immunosuppressants or anti-rejection drugs. This makes the procedure much more dangerous.

Scott has several links to further information so take time to follow them and do some reading. My blog from yesterday is the reason for this when I came across this information. The U of MN site is here and then read about the clinical trials here.  Kathy White's blog has lots of related links and is here.

A lot of information, but I think it is worth reading if you are interested.

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