23 January 2011

Prevention's “Outsmart Diabetes” Entry

This article sounds interesting, but my suspicions about Prevention just won't let me join. I do not like the privacy rights statement and the fact that my information will be available to all their other entities. I have had one bad experience with Prevention and that has affected my outlook about them.

I followed them for several years and enjoyed reading their magazine, but then the bad experience really soured me. So if anyone likes this site, joins, and would care to explain it to me, I will listen as this could be valuable for some people. So please do not let me turn you off if this is good for you. I encourage you to investigate on your own. It may be just what you need.

Apparently this is just a recent entry as the article is dated January 21, 2011. I have visited the introduction page and the “Your Privacy Rights” page, but that is as far as I have gone after reading the privacy policy statement. It says “Outsmart Diabetes” is free. Of course this is by Rodale, Inc. They make some bold statements, but from what I remember, they normally deliver on content.

So if you are interested, read the article here, and visit the web site here.

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