25 January 2011

Russia First to Approve Marketing of Porcine Cells

This may not be approved for people with diabetes, Type 2, it is well worth reading and following the results obtained. This is presently for those with Type 1 diabetes and represents the first actual use of porcine cells in any country outside of the trials. Russia has approved this for human use.

I had hoped for more press, but over a month has passed and nothing. For people with Type 1 diabetes, this has to be very hopeful. The US will probably take several years to even consider this, but this is very hopeful and should be followed closely. I have tried to find out what stage the University of Minnesota is at in their trials, but emails have not been returned, or never received – two were returned, but the third one I have nothing on.

Living Cell Technologies (LCT) is the first company to have clinical trials using porcine cells implants. These implants are implanted in the abdomen using a simple laparoscopic procedure. Then the “DIABECELL” (LCTs registered trademark) implants work by self regulating and efficiently secreting insulin and glucagon in response to the patient's changing glucose levels. Using their own LCT proprietary encapsulation, the DIABECELL patients do not require any immunosuppression or anti-rejection drugs.

LCT has a web site here with a press release and other related areas that are excellent to read. Then a Type 1 blogger from New Zealand has this to say about progress in New Zealand.

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  1. This seems to be a major breakthrough. However, how does a Type 1 Diabetic in the UK get on to a trial?
    It's easy to read about the latest developments. We have been reading these for years but what is required now is a "speeding up" of trials and the results actually used on those diabetics who would like a trial.

    Paul Kent (Father of two type 1 diabetics--daughter aged 40 and son aged 17)