08 July 2011

No More Surveys Please!

Why not? Because most surveys are composed to get the answers desired, to limit what can be selected, and in general not very insightful. In the last three years, I would look forward to possibly completing a survey, but the more I completed, the more disappointed I became.

One common type of question is the ranking of several possibilities which expresses few of the choices I would have liked to have seen. Many were written to cover only what the people originating the survey wanted to see answered, not what the real world would like to answer or for some even what it is like in the real world of diabetes.

Then there are the questions which allow for one answer only and would have been better answered using a ranking. Who thinks these up? Is the person responsible even knowledgeable about diabetes? I really have to wonder!

Instead of selecting an answer from their list – why don't they allow for other answers that are probably more important to the people they what to complete the survey. Do I think some of the questions are idiotic? Very definitely. Until I can see all the questions being asked and decide if I even want to answer the questions, I will not take any more surveys. I am tired of selecting the answer or ranking and clicking enter or continue to see the next question.

Then there are the surveys to help the authors decide if you are a candidate for the questions they want to really ask and if you would be someone they want to take their survey or to participate in an online discussion. Those really irritate me and let me know that I will not be a part of something so narrowly focused as I am probably in total disagreement to begin with.

Now for the ones that make my blood pressure head for the stratosphere – in the next 17 months we will be bombarded with political surveys. Now maybe you will understand why I ditched the land line and went to a mobile phone with caller ID. Sorry folks, I will cast my vote the way I chose for the candidate I chose based on his/her stand on the issues – not that this can always be depended on as they soon learn to compromise. If they are compromising my health and issues I believe in, they won't receive my vote the next election.

If I have rubbed some people the wrong way, so be it. I have had it with the meaningless surveys!

06 July 2011

Tribute to Lost Friends

I am in somewhat of a shock this afternoon. Another friend has passed. From diabetes I think, but I am not positive as the family will not discuss the reason. I know that he has been in and out of depression the last few months.

All I have been able to find out is that he was in a coma and the doctors doubted he would ever recover out of it and the family decided to have life support stopped. I know from past conversations with him that this was his wish.

Am I affected by this – yes. This makes four friends in the last 20 months that have passed from diabetes related causes. Three from stopping dialysis and now this friend. All four had Type 1 diabetes. I cannot speak to the level of management for any of them as it was something that was seldom talked about. I can only imagine from the ages that the level of management was not what it should have been.

None of the friends or acquaintances that have Type 2 diabetes are in declining health and all have great attitudes about life. Of the six of us, five of us are on insulin and the sixth has said she is considering insulin since the rest of us are doing so well. I know from recent discussions that the A1c's range from a low of 5.4 to 6.4 and the age range is 44 to 74. It is somewhat surprising that the A1c's are almost the reverse order of our ages.

Of the remaining three Type 1 friends, I do not know what there A1c's are or have been. It is also surprising that for as much as we don't talk about our diabetes, that we keep finding others that also have diabetes. Two more with Type 1 today and one more with Type 2.

05 July 2011

Suggestions for World Diabetes Day

Many are not even aware of World Diabetes Day around the world. Since the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was good enough to address those in attendance at the 2011 Roche Social Media Summit and took some flack for this, I have some suggestions for the diabetes online community (DOC) for the 2011 World Diabetes day activities.

This is only a suggestion, but may give us more ideas that might help the IDF get more recognition in the USA and possibly accomplish some goals for the IDF. First, I suggest that those not receiving the IDF email newsletters go to the IDF website and subscribe. You may do so in the lower right corner of the home page. Yes, just like the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the JDRF, they have a place for you to contribute and I am not asking you to do that, only if that is your desire.

Second, I suggest that everyone pick at least three or more newspapers in their area and write letters to the editors making them aware of World Diabetes Day and putting in a plug for the IDF. You may wish to have a listing for your blog site as well.

Third, we need to consider a campaign to encourage corporations and businesses to not spend the money for lighting up their buildings, but instead use the money saved over and above security lighting, to donate this to the IDF.

Fourth, a letter writing campaign to the pharmaceutical companies to contribute matching monies or value in products to the IDF.

Can this be accomplished – I believe so, but it is going to take everyone to actively participate and to spread the word to the international diabetes online community and enlist their help.

Let's forget the feel-good activities that did nothing to help those in need on previous World Diabetes days, and work for something that could benefit people this year. For those that wish only to participate in ADA and JDRF activities, you still should be able to do something, but let's make this a World Diabetes Day to remember.

My email address (or contact) is available on my profile page. These are just a few of the ideas and I am sure that can be others, so don't hesitate to bring them forward.