15 May 2010

Wheat and Diabetes

This really has me puzzled. The ADA still promotes whole grain foods, yet studies are saying that wheat increases the risk of diabetes for type 2 and is a bigger risk for type 1 diabetes. This is not from Celiac disease although gluten is a big contributor or at least the proteins in gluten. For those with type 1 diabetes, having celiac disease is very related as both are autoimmune diseases.

Dr. William Davis has two articles about wheat – one on May 14, 2010, and one on May 9, 2010. The second needs more investigation or at least explanation as to how he arrived at his diagnosis and recommendation.

A diabetes blogger makes some excellent points in his blog of May 5, 2010. For some other perspectives and studies check out this article on Medicinenet.com dated Aug 26, 2009 and the one from bottomlinesecrets.com dated March 30, 2010.

Some basic discussion about wheat intolerance and wheat sensitivity check out the article on foodintol.com.   This article has other articles to check as well.

14 May 2010

Soy based products

There are many advocates on both sides of the issue of soy supplements and soy based products. Some are very outspoken and some are doing it at least with some basis in science.

The first link is from the BD.com May 2010 newsletter. They have found that there is no help for women with diabetes from soy supplements. Then second link is from Sciencedaily.com of Oct 7, 2009 and they state there are benefits from some soy products.

The last link I am including is from a holistic health blogger and there are many articles that are against soy products and the damage they cause. I am hesitant to promote too much from the holistic side, but this blogger seems (emphasis on seems) to be more factual than a few other bloggers.

13 May 2010

Health Benefits of Exercise

People with diabetes know that exercise is a must and that there direct benefits. There are a lot of blogs on exercise and a lot written on exercise in general. I may be naive, but the blog by John Phillip on May 9, 2010 is well written and covers a wide range of reasons or benefits from exercise. He does not directly address diabetes, but covers some of the same areas that are of concern and at risk to those of us with diabetes.

12 May 2010

Nuts – The Heart and Diabetes Foods

Over the last few months, some of my fellow bloggers have been writing about omega-3 and omega-6 and the healthy results when bringing the ratios into line for amount of omega-3 to omega-6. Several of the diabetes forums promote almonds for snacks and almond flour for baking.

It is no surprise that there are several articles promoting nuts for heart health and “bad” cholesterol (LDL) control as well. John Phillip covers walnuts as a source of omega-3's in his blog of April 7, 2020.

The Telegraph.co.UK has an article on peanuts reducing LDL levels by up to seven percent and promotes them as heart healthy (my words – CAUTION – for those allergic to peanuts) on May 11, 2020.

The MayoClinic.com in an article on May 12, 2010, lists nuts as a source of unsaturated fats, omega-3, L-arginine, fiber, and plant sterols. They acknowledge that these vary by the type of nut and suggest them for snacks.

Metformin - A New Use?

An article in Diabetes Health, dated May 4, 2010 should cause a lot of relief if it is confirmed by more studies. Many people with type 2 diabetes and some with type 1 diabetes (have insulin resistance) are presently taking Metformin. If these findings hold up, many more people may be taking Metformin, but not for diabetes. The findings by the University of Cincinnati states that Metformin could by used as a treatment for certain types of cancer (as of yet unnamed).

Added 5/13/10  An article in Reuters presented by BD UPdate says that women who have taken metformin have a lower risk of breast cancer.  Newsletter is dated 5/6/10.  See article here.

Although not mentioned, those people now taking Metformin will have to wonder if this will help prevent these cancers for them.  More research should now be forthcoming.