14 June 2013

News Media Is Schooling Doctors

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this blog by Dr. Wes. What Dr. Wes is saying is true. It is in almost every daily newscast and in the printed media. I must wonder at the same time if this is not part of our current administration's goal to keep doctors off balance while changing so much of their lives with the roll out of the current healthcare law. As a patient, I feel like answering some of the points Dr. Wes says the media is trying to school him.

At the same time, what Dr. Wes is saying about the way he thinks (I hope tongue-in-cheek) is that all doctors should turn their head away from the computer screen (not a bad idea). His next suggestion will make patients wonder where he is coming from when he says hold the patient's hands and look into their eyes. If any of my doctors were to do this, I would probably be out the door very fast. Next, he says doctors are to listen to their concerns, which many doctors do not do. They have their cookbook medicine to follow and finish before their time with us out runs out.

The next two items he lists are over the top and I would complain if he put himself in my place and do a thorough physical exam at every appointment. Most of the time, patients just want communication and an exam maybe once a year, unless it is necessary because of what the symptoms are or may indicate. Having constant empathy and insight is over the top and a little sincere communication here would go a long way. The doctor's assistant, sometimes a nurse but often a certified nurse's aid, normally handles reading back medications.

Some patients do need written instructions in fifth grade English, but even then, some patients will not understand. These patients should be encouraged to repeat back what they have been told. A doctor should consider escorting the patient to the checkout area where normally the next appointment is set up and instructions for lab work at the next appointment are spelled out on the appointment card. The following area I have seen in some media news stories and I wondered why every doctor needed highly skilled and educated assistants. Now I know that some doctors do need their services because to the requirements of the appointment and in some outpatient services. Most other doctors will not need them.

Rather than quote Dr. Wes, I would say his blog is excellent and he does need support for the position he takes. I poked a little fun at him above, but in reality, the media and even some of his colleagues are not supporting him. They want more monies for not doing some important aspects of their profession. See my blog here. I will quote this and it is about the requirements put on doctors by the electronic health records. Dr. Wes says, “We move as fast as we can to remain productive, because that's what's REALLY valued in healthcare these days. So is patient loyalty because that's what keeps them coming back. But in the process of growing loyalty, we increasingly have to document everything or other payers think it doesn't happen. So we type. And click. And type. And click. And print. To get paid. Talk about a communication and empathy buzz-kill!”

Please take time to read the blog by Dr. Wes. I am surprised that it received few comments and some as anonymous.

13 June 2013

AND Is a Front for Big Food Interests

Several tid-bits showed up on May 14 and May 15 in other blogs and need emphasis. The first I would like to point out is a blog by Jenny Ruhl here and the comment to it. The comment is technically in error as the ADA (formally the American Dietetic Association) is now AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). The URL given is still correct and does expose the companies they receive money from and then they promote these to us as dietitians. It is no wonder that the nation is becoming obese with this happening.  The graphic below is the one with Jenny's blog.

With my blog from May 22, 2013 and information from their own website, we are put on notice that the nutrition that they are saying we need protection from is the AND. Therefore, they want us to see the need the stricter laws giving them a nutritional advice monopoly to protect us from whom? That would be the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Next, I would like you to look at the following image. Then compare this to the list on the AND site. Five of the eleven corporate sponsors for AND show up on the Big Food list. This means Coca Cola, Kellogg's, Unilever, PepsiCo, and General Mills (big G) are common.

While there are some registered dietitians (RD) that are trust worthy, but for the most part, I will not consider the majority and especially those with the dual acronyms of RD and CDE. The junk carbs the AND promotes supply them with operating funds.