28 June 2013

Sunscreens Not Created Equal

Even with the new Food and Drug Administration regulations on sunscreens, many companies can't get it right and some of the worst are advertising heavily to make their poor products be the first in the minds of some consumers. Neutrogena, while not the most expensive and certainly not one of the best, is heavily advertised in my area and is about the only one advertising this heavily. I have seen occasional ads for a few others, but most are for sunscreens at the bottom of the list. I guess this is the manufacturer's way of getting people to forget about the low rating they have received by Consumer Reports.

Here in the Midwest, we have not had a lot of need for sunscreens because of the rainy weather. I suspect there will be a need when the weather starts to warm up and remain above 75 degrees for much of the day and there are dry days.

Consumer Reports is one of the more objective reports on sunscreen. The top recommended include the following and it is worth quoting:

  • Target's Up & Up Sport, at the top spot, costs $1.16 an ounce.
  • Walmart's Equate Ultra Protection SPF 50, is just 47 cents an ounce. It won the CR Best Buy award of the dozen.
  • Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50, at $1.38 an ounce.
  • Walgreens Continuous Spray Sport SPF 50, at $1.33 an ounce. 
  • Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30, at $1.38 an ounce.
  • Coppertone Sport High Performance SPF 30, at $1.67 an ounce.

I have mentioned one of the worst above. But do not feel that the others should receive space. If you are interested, you may read this.

27 June 2013

AND Attempts to Cash in on Obesity

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is again trying to expand their monopoly, but this time at the federal level. In a House of Representatives bill (HR 2415), the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act of 2013 which the AND is primarily responsible for creating this legislation would severely restrict the professionals that would be able to counsel obese patients.

Is it any wonder that the one group, AND, which is largely responsible for promoting the obesity with their high carbohydrate, whole grains teaching, would be trying to cash in on counseling the obese to keep them this way. Then when you look at their corporate sponsors, see my blog here, this is just another reason the AND must be removed from any position of responsibility in counseling people with obesity.

Registered dietitians (RDs) are allowed to perform services under Medicare part B, so why do they need special provisions that exclude and create special provisions that do not exist in federal law (the Social Security Act, which controls Medicare, provides equal treatment for RDs and other qualified nutrition professionals). Just more of the monopoly attempt by AND and a smaller choice for us as patients.

This is one reason I have sent my objections to my Representative and I hope you will consider this as well.

26 June 2013

States Are Making Your Medical Records Public

When there is money to be made, look for someone willing to find a way. This time it is the states and they are selling our medical information. HIPAA does not have provisions preventing this and as a result, the states are making money from selling the information from our medical records legally. And some states are selling too much information and your identity may be compromised. The map below list the problem states.