25 October 2010

Insurance and Legal Denial of Procedures?

Is this happening today? Don't blink or you'll miss it. Our insurance companies to grow their profits are refusing to cover procedures and lifesaving operations that a few years ago were seldom questioned. Who is behind this?

I doubt government will get involved as long as our medical health insurance industry continues on the current path. This doctor reports an unusual situation. I like many of the comments. Why the doctor did not cover some questions just leads to more questions. One overriding question is what should be done for people who chose to ignore sound advice and directions from their doctor. This poses very ethical and moral questions.

Our insurance industry is just following procedures they had started; however, they are starting to gear up for more drastic decisions of who gets treated and who does not. They have been doing this for years by denying procedures and few have questioned them. This blog of mine earlier shows some of the problems are beginning to show. In addition this blogger also points out some of the types of decisions beginning to appear with greater frequency.

Where is this going to end? With larger and larger profits for health insurance companies and higher and higher compensation packages for the health insurance CEO's, it is doubtful this practice will slow any.

Is the government becoming involved? Are the Medicare and Medicaid cuts going to increase the likelihood of this happening? What effect will the government healthcare plan have? I like some of the provisions in the new healthcare law, but I do not believe that it has everyone's best interests are always in mind and overall healthcare is going to suffer.

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