28 October 2010

We Need More Meaningful Studies and Research

Several bloggers are exposing the problems in our medical society. We have already defined our problems with the A1c test and its weaknesses. It is not surprising that other areas are constantly being exposed by bloggers and people in the medical community.

Jenny at Diabetes Update has three good blogs about the failings of our studies, the A1c tests and now the failings of doctors and why. She has an excellent blog about what to look for to determine that you are reading bad information. Then she also does an excellent blog on the failing of the A1c. My version is here.

Jenny then explains why doctors are failing us and what to do in some circumstances. While some of them do need understanding, most doctors that are making mistakes are often doing them out of ignorance because they have not kept up with the latest information or a using faulty studies that should never seen the light of day.

Dr. Rob at medrants dot com did us all a favor when he alerted us to Dr. John Ioannidis who is calling out his fellow doctors for their “lies, damned lies, and medical science” He has spent his career chastising their bad science. And he is doing this in the Atlantic magazine. This deserves readership by all and should be on everyone's read list.

In the fourth paragraph down and the last sentence he makes a statement we should all heed - “can any medical-research studies be trusted?” This I think is the summary of the whole article, well founded and well grounded is what he is disclosing. He also suggests that, “the obsession with winning funding has gone a long way toward weakening the reliability of medical research”.

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