27 October 2010

Are Doctors Going to Stop Diabetes?

Will we ever have doctors and endocrinologists that will be aggressive in the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes? Maybe, if a group funded by Novo Nordisk gets the recognition they need. Their research has been published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, but that does not mean the American Medical Association will go along with the findings of their research. The funding is an unrestricted educational grant.

This group has recommended that greater attention be put on screening people at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Then they urge aggressively treating those who have developed the condition to conserve beta cell function. The group was composed of researchers, clinical endocrinologists, and primary-care doctors put together by the Endocrine Society.

The outcome or evidence indicates that beta cell dis-function can be slowed or possibly reversed if addressed early. They have also found out that beta cell failure occurs earlier and more severely than originally thought. That is the reason for the recommendation of early detection and aggressive treatment.

To further promote the early detection and aggressive treatment, they have set up a web site here. This is to promote new educational approaches to aid primary care physicians in interpreting concepts of disease pathogenesis. In reading this web site, it has been very interesting and definitely educational. I sincerely hope our doctors are reading this as well.

This study is also discussed here and here.

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