18 July 2010

Medical treatment discrimination is a fact

Disturbing news from a study indicated discrimination in medical care. Or do we term it legal medical euthanasia of our elderly. We all suspect this, but to see it in print is disturbing indeed. As this study shows that it is among our elderly that this is occurring and is some regions of the USA more than others.

What has not been answered is if this is being promoted by the insurance industry, Medicare, or by the medical profession itself, and in which regions. From this I would expect that this will only get worse in the years ahead. Taking people off dialysis before certain conditions are met should be labeled as criminal. As it is, this seems to be considered humane euthanasia and the medical world is getting away with it.

The fact that is is happening to our older population with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is disturbing, but that this is happening regionally is morally disturbing. Read about part of the study here. Also read here, and read here.

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