28 August 2010

Online sources for diabetes information – Part 2

This is an area that you may or may not interest you. Some do not like technical and news items. Please be careful when believing all you read. Some of the hucksters ply their snake oil big time on the internet. Even what may be a reliable source can publish bad information and many do when it comes to some of the studies they publish.

On the topic of studies, please read the following blog by Jenny Ruhl. It may take several readings and applying this to several studies before you will begin to follow how some of the studies are so poorly constructed and to be able to see why they are not what they appear to be wanting you to believe.

News and information on diabetes:

http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/index.php  Do take time to read the Letter from the Editor as there is often good information contained there.

http://www.diatribe.us/home.php  This source of news is interesting as they cover the major diabetes associations, organizations, and finding unusual news items.

http://diabeteslivingtoday.com/  This unusual duo broadcast a weekly radio broadcast and puts out information on their website.

http://www.diabeteshealth.com/  This source is excellent with many diabetes writers posting their blogs on this site and you are able to get emails when your favorites post a new blog.

Diabetes education and support organizations:

http://tcoyd.org/  Steven V. Edelman, MD Dr. Steven V. Edelman, MD is the driving force behind this site and they have conferences nationwide. In addition to good news and education for the medical community, they have education for the patients and caregivers as well.

http://behavioraldiabetesinstitute.org/  This organization is based in San Diego, CA deals with the psychological side of diabetes and how to deal with this part of your life.
While this organization is still limited to Southern California area, the message is still there and provides some good guidance for those of us with diabetes.

http://www.diabetes-solution.net/  Dr. Richard K. Bernstein has type 1 diabetes and is very vocal about what can be accomplished with keeping in under tight control. He has several related websites. These sites are good for all types of diabetes and Dr. Bernstein is read by all types of people with diabetes. He also has several books that are excellent references for us. Check out this books on Amazon dot com.

The forum site is located here.

Use the following in your search engine to fine more on Dr. Bernstein - “dr bernstein diabetes”.

http://www.diabetes.org/  This is the site for the American Diabetes Association. It is a very large site and will take you a lot of time to find all the information that may be of benefit for you. Check this reference for type 2 information. While the ADA is more for the medical community, there is much information that we can use as well. Take time to explore as much of this site as you have time for.

http://www.mendosa.com/  This is a premier site for type 2 people with diabetes. While David Mendosa writes for more than just type 2 diabetes, he has excellent diabetes information to help all of us.

http://ndep.nih.gov/  While this is a government website, the information on diabetes is good to read.

http://diabetes.webmd.com/  Please read this site with care. There is much good information with some poor information sprinkled in.

Specialty diabetes information:

http://ginews.blogspot.com/  For those interested in learning more about the glycemic index and glycemic load, this is an excellent site. And the GI News letter is good to have. I started out as a big advocate of the GI and GL information, but that has waned to the point that I know there is often conflicting evidence available from reputable sources and treat it accordingly. I will continue to use this information as a guide, but only a guide.

http://jcem.endojournals.org/  The is the website for the The Endocrine Society. Many studies are published here.

http://www.glycemicindex.com/  The website for the Glycemic Index.

This a very small list of what is available on line. It is by no means complete and over the next months I will try to post more sites about diabetes.

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