30 August 2010

Diabetes resources

On October 15, 2009, I expressed my dissatisfaction in a new website. I wish I had been wrong, but with the passage with time, nothing has changed, except for the worse. More dead blogger sites are part of their listing. Some corrections have been sent to the owner, but that has not resulted in any changes.

We did need a site that had more for everyone about diabetes and other information. But when a website comes on line with errors and they expect people to flock to it and join to correct their information, then it is only fair that a site not succeed. People should not have to correct information that should have been correct before it was posted.

Why have I used it as a reference for people to check out? Because it is a source for those new to diabetes and that are looking for information. While I warn people of the problems in the sites information, it is a place to start and once started, they will find other sources of better information. So even a poor site has some value.

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