26 August 2010

On line sources of diabetes information – Part 1

Forums: Often not always the best source, but if used wisely can be of benefit in making you realize that you are not alone in your struggle. Often you may find a tidbit or gem that you can use that is very beneficial. You may join or not, but most information is available to be read, but joining can be beneficial. I am a member of a few of the forums, but very inactive recently, which may be the cause of being dropped by a couple of the forums, or for other reasons. Or it maybe because I erased all the cookies and without them they won't allow me back even with the correct password.

On all the sites listed below, be sure to check out the site map and listings in the right or left parts of the site, if they have a site listing. I know the first source below does and I have discovered much information this way. This is one of the more robust sites and some are very spartan or don't include a site map.

http://www.dlife.com/diabetes-forum/  This is a good source of information and includes some blogs, many recipes with nutritional information, and information about their TV program. If you join and post something do not expect you first to appear for about day or after the weekend. Read the first post in the introduction section for rules. This is their way of trying to avoid most spam, but some are very tricky and post good posts to start, but after a few, then they spew forth their spam. Then they are quickly reported by members and deleted by the administration and banned.

http://www.tudiabetes.org/  A strong forum, blogs, and other information. Its owner is very active in other endeavors, promoting diabetes information for the benefit of the patients.

http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/  A decent forum and excellent blog site. Just beware of not using hyperlinks. Try not to create them accidentally as you will be warned and then on continued use, you will be banned. This is an area where this site has little or no tolerance. It does have a recipe area.

http://www.diabetesforums.com/forum/  Another decent forum, but be careful as they are not too tolerant of links and hyperlinks, but a little bit nicer about letting you know and explaining where you went wrong..

http://www.diabetesforum.com/forum.php  Another good forum, and I give them high marks for trying to eliminate member created spam – one or two word meaningless posts. They will tolerate some links and hyperlinks, but don't abuse them.

http://www.dailystrength.org/c/Diabetes-Type-2/forum   I am not familiar with this site.

http://forum.americandiabeteswholesale.com/  At one time this was a good forum. It is still trying to be, but participation is very low.

http://forums.joslin.org/  A good site, but many good members have been silenced by bullies of low carbing. Some excellent members still participate, but do so cautiously.

http://www.diabetesnet.com/forum/forum.php  I am not familiar with this site.

http://www.diabetesfiles.com/forums/forumdisplay.php  I am not familiar with this site.

There are other diabetes forums, but many are very inactive. Some are in other English speaking countries, but they tend to discourage members outside their country. My biggest complaint of most forums is the members that join and very seldom of ever participate in any discussions. The sites keep them on the active member list to keep membership numbers high for advertising incentives.

Blogs: Bloggers come and go from the internet almost daily. Many have been around for several years. Here you will have to select those that appeal to you. Whether it is for the information they present, their humor, their outlook on life being a person with diabetes, or their style of writing.

I read probably too many, but some are definitely for the information, and others for their positive outlook on life. I read type 2, type 1, and LADA bloggers. The following are presented for your information and to get you started.




Be careful with the following sources. This was put on line when the site was started and no updating has been done. There are now many dead sites where the site no longer exists or they haven't posted for two or more years. You will need to find the ones that suit you. There are some excellent sites so don't get too discouraged by the number that are no longer viable. Plus there are many new sites that are not included.

These are lists of bloggers and have the URL's so you can start reading and decide whether you want to bookmark them for future reading.

http://www.thediabetesresource.com/listing/  (contains all of the following)



http://www.thediabetesresource.com/listing/guide/diabetes_bloggers/type_15  (LADA)






The following Blog sites are being worked on almost daily. New sites are being added as they are found and new lists will be added as they are finalized. I like to ask permission for those I list and Bernard Farrell just makes hopefully weekly updates.

http://t2bloggerlist.blogspot.com/  My list of type 2 bloggers


There are other organizations working on lists of bloggers and other social media lists, but as of now they are not available. I will post this information when and if these become available.
I am also working on a list of other sites of diabetes information.

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