25 August 2010

Some of the ideas for losing weight.

How often are we bombarded with “lose weight”. Being overweight, I hear it daily. My wife is very active in expressing her feelings, but I have been able to lose in spite of her expressions and cooking. When I do not eat a large portion of what she cooks, then I am facing the accusation of “didn't you like that?”. I don't like answering that, but I finally said, what about the weight you want me to lose? At least that did open the conversation. She has a better understanding of the fact that I want to lose some pounds and without cutting the carbs, it just won't happen. We are still discussing the level of carbs, but I am sticking to my number despite the points on the other side.

No, I have no intention of disclosing the number, but so far I have dropped five pounds in the last two weeks. Prior to that I had dropped ten pounds in five days, but I knew why that happened. I was ill and could not keep food in or down. I was even having difficulty is keep my meds from coming back. I was very thankful I am on insulin and was able to cover any variations with insulin. My heart medications did suffer and I am not sure whether I received any or no benefit.

Tom Ross has suggested in his blog that we record everything we eat and the time and carb count. This is starting to help as I now can see when I exceed my carb limit for the day or when I short myself and by how much. It does happen both ways.

I have found that there is some exceedingly bad advice on the internet for losing weight. Many sources are still back in the dark ages and want to preach their no or low fat and high protein swill. And then there others that push carbohydrates to the excess. It seems that there is no middle ground and each argues their side ad nauseam.

At least, there are some studies, but I am not sure if they can be trusted. I found this article very reasonable and to the point. I admit that after the post by David Mendosa on January 18, 2010 really gives me more hope. While my cardiologist may not agree, I am comfortable with this. John Phillip has a series of blogs on weight loss and most is from the nutritional aspect plus the lifestyle changes necessary.

I am very uncomfortable with the article on Web MD. The percent of carbohydrates is way out of line for me. Before I go farther, I want you to know that what works for me may not work for you. You must set you own goals, adjust them as needed for your body chemistry, and learn to live with your decision. That is one reason I will not say that you must do this or do that, or use this percentage breakdown. This needs to be a lifestyle change and not a diet, plus make sure, if it is possible for you, that exercise is the key to accomplish this.

Yes, I vent on some diet religions because they do not work for me. And I call them religions because some preach and preach and preach about their way as being the only enlightened way. To which I say (well it is not printable). And don't even think about putting your religion in a comment. It won't pass the moderation.

Just take the time to develop what works for you, adapt it if necessary, but do give it a good and honest effort. Be prepared when your weight lost hits a plateau and you stop losing weight for several weeks. This is the time to shake things up and apply some of the tricks that other people have had success with and have broken the plateau.

Tom's recording of foods, time and carbs consumed works very well for me and has worked to avoid the plateau effect, but it does not work for everyone. Some people do use smaller plates to cut down on their food intake. Others have had success by going from walking to swimming, or walking to running, or even riding a bicycle. These a just a few ways of getting past the plateau effect.

Make sure that you consult with a good diabetes dietitian to maintain a good nutritional balance and don't go too low on total calories.  This article on Health Central was just published on 8/24/2010.  This may well work for getting off the plateau.

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