05 July 2011

Suggestions for World Diabetes Day

Many are not even aware of World Diabetes Day around the world. Since the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was good enough to address those in attendance at the 2011 Roche Social Media Summit and took some flack for this, I have some suggestions for the diabetes online community (DOC) for the 2011 World Diabetes day activities.

This is only a suggestion, but may give us more ideas that might help the IDF get more recognition in the USA and possibly accomplish some goals for the IDF. First, I suggest that those not receiving the IDF email newsletters go to the IDF website and subscribe. You may do so in the lower right corner of the home page. Yes, just like the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the JDRF, they have a place for you to contribute and I am not asking you to do that, only if that is your desire.

Second, I suggest that everyone pick at least three or more newspapers in their area and write letters to the editors making them aware of World Diabetes Day and putting in a plug for the IDF. You may wish to have a listing for your blog site as well.

Third, we need to consider a campaign to encourage corporations and businesses to not spend the money for lighting up their buildings, but instead use the money saved over and above security lighting, to donate this to the IDF.

Fourth, a letter writing campaign to the pharmaceutical companies to contribute matching monies or value in products to the IDF.

Can this be accomplished – I believe so, but it is going to take everyone to actively participate and to spread the word to the international diabetes online community and enlist their help.

Let's forget the feel-good activities that did nothing to help those in need on previous World Diabetes days, and work for something that could benefit people this year. For those that wish only to participate in ADA and JDRF activities, you still should be able to do something, but let's make this a World Diabetes Day to remember.

My email address (or contact) is available on my profile page. These are just a few of the ideas and I am sure that can be others, so don't hesitate to bring them forward.


  1. Thanks for the great suggestions Bob - good stuff.

    I think the blue lighting is a good tool to spread awareness. While it may seem it's counterproductive to fundraising, I would hope that the awareness drives more donations. But who knows?

    Sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter now.

    Thanks again!

  2. Great job getting the word out on this, Bob. Thanks for the post. I agree that we in the online community can take our efforts offline and help make this an even more memorable WDD. One that makes a true difference, whether it be via the Life For a Child to much more. Looking forward to it. Thanks for advocating on this!

  3. I agree; except perhaps on pharma. Most are so tight they squeak and few are willing to release any funds even if it benefits the people they make money from. Still, the other objectives can indeed be accomplished if we collectively work on making it happen.

  4. I like your way of thinking, my friend! I'm TOTALLY on board...and pray we can impact this crisis in a BIG way.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  5. We will never know until we try! I am still willing to have a go at pharma regardless. Even if they happen to loosen the purse strings a bit - it is still a start. Then the next year they might give a tiny bit more. I don't think this is a wall that can't be knocked down.

  6. I will certainly take these into consideration! Thanks so much for the ideas!

    Check out my Juvenile Diabetes blog at http://www.bleedforcookies.blogspot.com