06 July 2011

Tribute to Lost Friends

I am in somewhat of a shock this afternoon. Another friend has passed. From diabetes I think, but I am not positive as the family will not discuss the reason. I know that he has been in and out of depression the last few months.

All I have been able to find out is that he was in a coma and the doctors doubted he would ever recover out of it and the family decided to have life support stopped. I know from past conversations with him that this was his wish.

Am I affected by this – yes. This makes four friends in the last 20 months that have passed from diabetes related causes. Three from stopping dialysis and now this friend. All four had Type 1 diabetes. I cannot speak to the level of management for any of them as it was something that was seldom talked about. I can only imagine from the ages that the level of management was not what it should have been.

None of the friends or acquaintances that have Type 2 diabetes are in declining health and all have great attitudes about life. Of the six of us, five of us are on insulin and the sixth has said she is considering insulin since the rest of us are doing so well. I know from recent discussions that the A1c's range from a low of 5.4 to 6.4 and the age range is 44 to 74. It is somewhat surprising that the A1c's are almost the reverse order of our ages.

Of the remaining three Type 1 friends, I do not know what there A1c's are or have been. It is also surprising that for as much as we don't talk about our diabetes, that we keep finding others that also have diabetes. Two more with Type 1 today and one more with Type 2.

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  1. That is sad indeed and am sorry you lost a friend it does however bring to light just precious life is and how different people deal with their diabetes. Many it seems still choose to make this a private affair with only their families knowing about it, The Diabetes community has many great advantages but only if you choose to become a part of it...