22 December 2010

Update Family Health History During Holidays

Are you getting together with the relatives, in-laws, and out-laws for the holidays? This would be an excellent time to talk with grandparents, or aunts and uncles to find out about the health history in their immediate family.

This could be especially helpful if you don't have the history whether it be health history or just family history. Too many people just don't have this information which could be valuable at a later date. You may know your grandparents and your parent's siblings, but you may not have all the history.

If your parents happen to be like mine, I was never able to get much information. My father knew his family, but would not talk about anyone else. My mother knew her family, but you did not ask about other relatives. You did not ask health questions because you would be told it was impolite and that would be the last it was mentioned. Hopefully, you are able to get the history that could be invaluable later.

In addition to names, relationships, birth dates, and date of death, this information may lead to other information that you will need to ask more about privately. Remember, some relatives are more sensitive about health information and will not share in a group. Be sure to ask about different health issues like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental health disorders and other possible medical conditions.

Once you have as much family health history as possible, share it with your doctor. Your doctor may want to do some medical tests for certain potential conditions. So don't bury this information as it could save your life. Remember, ask the reasons behind early deaths, and about unusual things that may have happened.

Read about other information here (sorry - link is broken).

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