14 December 2010

Geneticists Say Diabetes Not Genetic

So what I believed is wrong. Yes, I had believed that diabetes was genetic. Now I must realign my thinking and forget the misconceptions I harbored. Genetic researchers have now shown there is little evidence to validate that inherited genes cause common diseases. This is hard to believe because of the families that diabetes occurs in generation after generation.

Heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and disorders like autism, ADHD, and dementia, and more do not have a genetic causation with a high degree of confidence according to researchers. Then the researchers say that the genetic link was only a hypothesis to begin with.

Yes, the other side is still holding out hope for a genetic link, but at best the links are so trivial that they lend not credence to the validity of genetic links. This means that the diseases we get can only be blamed on ourselves, our environment, and not inherited genes.

Now we must learn that the billions of dollars directed to finding these disease genes may well be directed for finding actual cures for some of these diseases. We will need to review our potential environmental causes, and possibly the genetics of our food sources.

The analysis does not diminish the significance of monogenic disorders such as cystic fibrosis, Huntington's disease or sickle cell anemia that are scientifically established. Since clinical data have shown that many diseases can be reversed or accelerated by diet and other lifestyle changes.

So in the future, no more referring to genetic links for diabetes – as of now they no longer exist. Read the information here and the related one here.  

This has happened since I posted this so read the rebuttal here.

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