16 December 2010

Are We to Believe that Corn Sugar is Safe?

The television advertising by the corn industry is becoming very nauseous. Their advertisements that corn sugar is the same as sugar is as pretentious as any I have seen. Now that their “new” name for high fructose corn syrup is corn sugar, they are wanting us to believe that the formulation has changed (no way) and the damage it can do is the same as sugar to those of us with diabetes (again untrue).

Living in a state known for its corn production does not mean that I have to like that the corn industry is attempting to hoodwink the rest of the country and hoping those living in corn country will remain silent. The various states promotion boards, the various states corn growers associations, and the National Corn Growers Association are all involved in promoting every phase of corn advertising including corn sugar, corn ethanol, and other corn products. The same can be said for soybean products by the soybean industry.

Because it has been cheaper to produce than other sugars, the corn sugar has been added to so many foods that it is small wonder that diabetes has increased so dramatically.  Until the general public wakes up to this and starts demanding the restriction of its use where it is not needed, the corn industry will continue to push for continued expansion of use to the detriment of the world's population.

Since the United States has moved away from the agrarian society of small farmers to large corporate farmers, the push to more unhealthy foods and food additives has increased dramatically. Also, the corporate growth has meant larger revenues to be spent for lobbing efforts to dilute the enforcement of food safety by the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture.

When is this going to end, when the public starts to protest. I am doing my part by not purchasing products that I know are unsafe and detrimental to my health. This is becoming more of a chore with the genetically modified foods which have not been tested extensively. This extensive testing has not been done for the genetically modified feeds fed to our genetically modified animals (dairy, beef, and swine) and birds (poultry, turkey, ostrich, and others).

Because land is finite and the population continues to grow, this increased pressure for food production has caused our food sources to be able to avoid much of the necessary testing to determine its safety.

Remember this is name only change from high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar. Nothing else has changed so everything we learned about HFCS still applies.

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