13 November 2010

Smart Phone Apps Put Doctors in Charge

This is meant to bring Doctors into the twenty-first century, but there may be some serious doubts. I think the right people (John Hopkins) are involved. This also should make it more convenient for the medical community to stay more current with the latest developments in diabetes.

This is now available on all smart phone devices and something more bulky which should help. I have to wonder if this will be available for the computers systems found in many doctors offices to be more effective. This will be potentially a great asset for nurses and other healthcare providers since this is portable.

I not have seen this application; however, according to the reviews, it provides real-time advice for diabetes management to medication side-effects. Since this is written by physicians, it should be an excellent source of information and offer the latest expert opinions in diabetes care. At least we can hope that it is the correct information.

Named the POC-IT, the application should raise the standard of care and improve patient safety. This is the third POC_IT application. The other two were successful guides on antibiotics and HIV.

I hope this guide starts eliminating problems that many patients have with uninformed nurses and diabetes educators that do not have their information correct.

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