10 November 2010

Writing about the same topic

Over the last year I have had several email discussions with fellow Type 2 bloggers on writing about the same topics. Most have felt like the first person I discussed this with. He said that we could always write about the same topic and we would seldom repeat what the other person had written about. He stated further that our life's experiences are all different and as such we will emphasize different aspects and relate differently to the same topic.

Another blogger has told me that if one blogger writes about a topic, he feels that blogger has “dibs” on the topic, and as such he will attempt to avoid the topic as he does not want what the other person wrote to influence his presentation. This was the way I had felt in the beginning, but now I have found that I enjoy writing about whatever topic peaks my interest. Often I find topics like my last post that are from personal experiences, good and bad.

I like it when another blogger has written about the same topic as I don't mind and actually prefer giving them credit for their work and I like the challenge of bringing my thoughts out about similar ideas and giving readers the opportunity to read both. What the other blogger covered may be what the reader was looking for which he may not have found without my link. Other readers may find mine is what they are looking for and at the some time, he has the opportunity to compare insights between two bloggers.

I sometimes will start a blog, find that my thoughts are not coming together and set it aside. Then another blogger writes about it from another perspective and it brings my thoughts together. Even though I try to write mainly for type 2 topics, there are often ideas and other interests that get my attention.

What brings these to the forefront? Often it is is one of the newsletters I subscribe to. At other times it can be a combination of newsletters and a friend, acquaintance, or family member that has something that really drives the topic home. Even a comment from a casual acquaintance can spark interest in a topic. There are times when another blogger writes about something that begs for further thoughts, whether, to disagree, add a point or points that may have not been covered, agree with their thoughts, or just take off on a different tangent.

What got me started on this today? I am reading many blogs written about the same topic because that is what someone had suggested a few years back. This will be a day late, but because I wanted to read what others had written for D-blog day. There are many interesting points that we would like people to know about diabetes. Scott Strange did an excellent two blogs and you should read Nov 8 and then Nov 9. I am one that appreciates his idea of two sides to the suggestion of what we want people to know.

Then the other blog that caught my attention is by Kerri at six until me, dated Nov 9, 2010. Yes, there are many others, but I don't have time to read all of them, so please read your favorites. Kerri's sixth point resonated with me. It is this that I would like to expand on. Her thoughts and last sentence “We deserve a cure” really says it all. Her other points are well stated, but the last sentence drove it home for me.

With the millions of people with various types of diabetes, we need to get many of them writing, emailing, or otherwise notifying our representatives, senators, and even our governors asking them to support a cure, maybe, just maybe, we could bring a cure to the front faster.

A few hundred bloggers from the diabetes online community will get minimal attention, but if family members and friends can do this as well, plus ask other people to do the same, it will get their attention. This is what is needed to energize our elected officials to take action. Here are a few of the sites I chose in searching for congressional email addresses and some also have suggestions for making your email get noticed.

A prime example if having a diabetes organization send a list of names supporting their position as well as a personal email. I know that the elections have taken place and many representatives and senators will not have email addresses until probably after the new session starts. This still should not stop us from getting our message across.

I personally have written mine, since none of my congressional members were defeated, but I will need to wait for the new governor to take office. This is my one and only thing I want people to know and to do for the coming days and year.

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