15 November 2010

Diabetes and Alzheimers now linked?

I have to thank fellow blogger, Diabetic Guy, for getting me thinking and finding more information on diabetes and alzheimers. Now I have found a study that points out that there is a link between diabetes and alzheimers. The information is more technical than I am comfortable with, so if I confuse you, I am providing the links for you to read.

The study was conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and was co-authored by geneticist Alan Attie, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin. They have analyzed the relationship between alzheimers and diabetes and identified a single gene to the causes of both Alzheimer's and Type 2 diabetes.

This fact is very bothersome for me. Yes, I am concerned about developing Alzheimer's since I have Type 2 diabetes. A gene for a protein called SorCS1 which may cause Type 2 diabetes, also impacts the the accumulation of amyloid-beta (Abeta) which plays a prominent role in the development of Alzheimer's.

This will generate more studies and possibly new drugs for the treatment of both diseases. This is going to take time and patience. Alzheimer's professionals have for several years maintained that there is a link, and now part of this has come true. Now it is learned that those with Type 2 diabetes are at risk of developing Alzheimer's about 50 percent of the time.

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