04 June 2010

Wound Care done with maggots?

Hope you have not just had a meal! This bit of news can turn peoples stomachs. This treatment has been used for centuries. Research in the UK shows that maggots clean wounds 18 times faster that other treatments. Their research also shows that they are not beneficial for healing wounds, just cleaning.

The blogger that got me started researching this wrote “Doctors are considering this disgusting treatment for diabetics,” as the title for her latest blog. While I can understand the revulsion that many people have for maggots, it is known to be beneficial in some cases for cleaning wounds that are not healing or slow to heal for persons with diabetes.

Researchers at the Ohio State Medical Center have studied this and reported it in the International Wound Journal. Their findings may help in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

The final statement in the blog “Still not convinced you should get rid of your diabetes? Start today!” opens another can of worms – in this case maggots.

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