03 June 2010

Soaring costs of health care US and Canada

Normally I bypass these blogs, but lately DB's Medical Rants has been very interesting. The latest blog is about the soaring cost of health care in Canada. Of course the rising costs in the US are included.

Two of the solutions that caught my attention were already in my thoughts. The first is health care rationing, which the US already has, as a result of the policies of our health insurance companies.

The second is preventive care. This is normally not mentioned so it really peaked my interest. And it is mentioned several times. I think some people are starting to wake up and realize that we need to start examining our system from the preventative side of cost reduction. Promoting healthier lifestyles is the foremost idea. For those of us with diabetes, change of lifestyle is a must.

The comments after the blog are very interesting and provide a good cross section of medical opinions. Even other words we don't like to hear in this country are included without people becoming irrational. Even the most derogatory comment about patients was not an outright attack – just a statement of fact.

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