02 June 2010

The health care system still in crises

From nursing homes to hospitals and even doctors offices, the crises in health care continues. Even today with our computerized systems in disarray and hospitals and nursing homes facing a greater financial pinch because of cost cutting measures, patient safety is still very much on the back burner or still in the dark ages.

As persons with diabetes, this has to be alarming for us.  Too many accidents and poor care are reported by patients with diabetes.

The following article points out the problems in our hospitals. While there are a few hospitals working to improve safety, the news is far from showing a real real progress in patient safety.

Too often patient safety is violated by rules and regulations that tie the hands of good doctors and nurses. The one lesson in all this is that doctors treat the disease, but forget about the patient with the disease. The article in the NY Times is well worth the read.

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