18 May 2010

Probiotic Health

Probiotic health is a problem for people with diabetes and for normal people. Most of the time we tend not to think about it. But let a round of antibiotics happen, and the concern should be amplified as the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria in our digestive system.

There are lots of articles about this on the internet so I am limiting this somewhat.

First, I must refer you to a fellow blogger, Denny Barnes. He makes some solid points too often left out of other discussions. That the life of many probiotics is limited and many are killed in the stomach and thus do not reach the intestines where they are needed. He has seven articles on probiotics – go to the right column and down to find topics.

The first one is from a source that has many other articles, but a search will give them to you.  Just use the search engine in The Baseline of Health Foundation and type in probiotic health.

The following are also sources. Item one, item two, item three, and item four.

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