20 May 2010

Parents of T1 Children – What to do?

I know families with type 1 children, and two are home schooling, and one has theirs in public school. Several people on dLife Diabetes Forum are posting about home schooling their children. Mostly this is being done because the public school system in the USA is short of funds and cannot maintain nurses on their payroll – which is required under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) as a 504 plan. The American Diabetes Association and JDRF have programs to get help with enforcing the 504 plan. The deceptions that the public school system uses to keep children with disabilities (and diabetes is classified as a disability) out the public school system is very much against the law, but they are getting away with it.

Only nurses can inject insulin. It is against the law for teachers to do so, except for their own children. They are allowed to watch and verify that the child does it correctly, but that is all.

This article shows that what we are experiencing in our school system is also happening to a different degree in the United Kingdom. See this article from the Telegraph dated May 17, 2010

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