16 May 2010

Pig Islets Producing Insulin in Human

This in one of the more interesting topics for me. While this is presently about and for people with type 1 diabetes, studies are near the end or concluded in New Zealand. More and more information is finding its way to the news.

Pancreatic cells taken from pigs have been encapsulated and successfully transplanted into humans. The positive thing is that these cells do not trigger an immune system attack on the transplanted cells and they quickly get down to the business of producing insulin for the host.

Among the people to write about this in July 2007 was David Mendosa. This article gives a lot of the background on what is happening today in New Zealand.

Three articles (or more) are now in existence.

Article 1 dated April 1, 2010.

Article 2 dated May 6, 2010.

Article 3 dated May 13, 2010.

As I find or become aware of more articles, I will be adding them to the above list.  Added 5/19/10. There are lots of articles from 1997 through 2009, so I will keep this to the recent (2010) articles.

Article 4 dated April 27, 2010.

Article 5 dated May 3, 2010.

Article 6 dated April 12, 2010.

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