27 May 2010

Lack of sleep may be added to risk for diabetes and higher mortality

As our knowledge of pre-diabetes continues to expand, lack of sleep may be added to the risk factors as a precursor to diabetes. This will be included with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle as danger signals for diabetes and higher mortality rates.

Three articles in the last year are very much in agreement with this. All three that I have found are in Diabetes Health dot com. The first is dated August 14, 2009 and is about a study at the University of Chicago. The second is an extremely small study from Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, and involved only nine participants and is dated May 13, 2010. The third is dated May 26, 2010, and while it mentions the studies above, it covers a larger longer-term study conducted by the University of Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom and the University of Naples Medical School in Italy, tracked 16 studies done over a 25-year period, involving a total of 1.3 million people.

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