28 May 2010

Diabetes and skin problems

I often question why WebMD follows the output of the various medical associations and organizations with no variation, but I will admit that sometimes they are the best source for learning information. I like the presentation for diabetes and skin problems.

If you have diabetes, potentially serious skin problems can be part of your life also. See your doctor as soon as you notice a problem and before it gets out of control. In most cases, these skin problems can be managed with early diagnosis and treatment.

WebMD lists the following: (1) Some Skin Problems Linked to Diabetes, (2) Skin Problems Linked to Diabetes and Insulin Resistance, (3) Skin Problems Associated With Reduced Blood Supply to the Skin, (4) Skin problems linked to atherosclerosis, (5) Rashes, Bumps, and Blisters, (6) Diabetes and Bacterial, Fungus Infections, and (7) Skin Problems With Multiple Causes.

Can These Diabetes Skin Problems Be Prevented?

Keeping your diabetes under control is the most important factor in preventing these skin problems. Follow your health care provider's advice regarding nutrition, exercise, and medication. Keep your blood sugar level within the range recommended by your doctor or lower if this will not be dangerous to you. Use proper skin care to help reduce your risk of skin problems with diabetes.

Find the article here dated Mar 8, 2010.

There may be other skin problems, but there are articles of many of the above with graphic pictures included on other sites.  So use the names in the article for search engine results.

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