23 July 2013

American Hospital Association Cries 'Foul'

Greed is driving the whining by hospitals and for once, it is hoped that what is proposed remains unchanged. Yes, Obama delayed the employer mandate for political reasons as many employers were converting many full time employees to part-time employees. This would not look good for the 2014 elections and employees forced to part time might not vote for Democrats and put both houses of Congress in the hands of the Republicans. So the employer mandate was delayed until January 2015.

What hospitals don't want us to consider is that the cut in their funds was also delayed until 2015. Now the American Hospital Association is asking for the hospital cuts to be delayed until 2016 to give them an extra year to stockpile more wealth. More likely this is for taking high bonuses for the hospital executives while to getting is good.

The AHA wants us to forget that everything was supposed to happen in 2014, but now that some items are being delayed to 2015, they feel they should be entitled to 2016 delay.

Hospitals linked the delay to many states' failure to expand their Medicaid programs as the law envisioned. While this may provide some rational, considering that this was not part of the 2014 implementation, the hospitals are looking for anything to garner them more money.

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