02 March 2011

Another Black Eye for the FDA Maybe

Maybe the title should read “follow the money trail”. The FDA is being grilled by our elected representatives in a manner that has to make us wonder who is receiving contributions for their reelection and from what companies. Maybe this should be investigated by the FBI.

The FDA has been tightening the evidence trail after many recalls for defective devices that had cleared the 510(k) premarket clearance process in error and had to be recalled. This is only natural for the FDA to close the door once the horse is out, but the way our elected representatives are acting, they are backing industry investors to open the door for more horses to escape and more recalls to take place.

Of course there are people on both sides of the issue and again the patients will be subjected to over zealous marketers who care more about profits than they do patient safety. A review never hurts, but the nature of the investigation seems to be headed in the wrong direction and leaves open questions about who is paying into reelection coffers for which representatives.

For years the FDA has been negligent and open to influence when money talks, and we have always known this about government, but the situation is becoming a nightmare for patients who cannot rely on safety. This is especially true if the FDA is forced to cave to device investors who are also contributing to reelection funds of our elected officials.

Read the article here and draw your own conclusions.

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