28 February 2011

The FDA May Deserve This Black Eye

Yes, there is mounting evidence that the FDA is slacking on the duties they should be preforming. I had read about similar things in the past, but to finally have this documented in a graphic way is upsetting.

But I still have an inquiring mind so I will have to ask some questions not covered by the study as researchers can have agendas as well. There also seems to some large gaps in what the study is about.

The article on the study does not state whether they used drugs that were from the same or near same date of manufacture. Also not stated is where the drugs were selected. If they were selected from different countries, how long had they been in the pipeline and were the boxed warnings needed in those countries. This alone could negate the study.

Now if the study is doing things without an agenda, then the FDA may well deserve the criticism for not doing what its own rules indicate that it should. If, and I must emphasize if, the study is correct, then the FDA does need to be corrected and some charges (yes, maybe even criminal) need to be brought by the U.S. Justice Department.

From the article, I do have suspicions that the study was lacking in methodology that is above an agenda and may not be as useful as it might have been. The FDA spokesperson was fairly clear that the FDA may not be without fault, but clearly asked some questions about the study.

Read the article here.

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