02 February 2011

Is TV Really Part of the Food Pyramid?

Until I did some reading, I thought this was humorous and I admit I still do. I understand where this author is coming from and why he has a problem with TV's. Not being a person that eats out with any frequency, I admit I have not seen what he is describing.

David Burley is from Louisiana and was excited about a new restaurant opening is his small town. He was most unhappy that the restaurant was featuring flat-screen TVs in every booth in addition to its family fare.

Apparently this is the latest rage for restaurants and they are trying to out do the popular trend of the 1950's of eating on folding TV trays in front of the TV to watch certain popular shows of that era.

It is apparent that the new fad is having TVs for watching while eating as the owners know that people tend to eat more when watching TV. Sort of like making the TV part of the food pyramid. If we don't get enough TV we will become light eaters and lose weight. And the restaurant owners don't want that! That would mean lost profits.

I am aware of sports bars with multiple TV's that serve food and drinks, but people are there to watch a game and it follows that they will eat and purchase something to drink. But restaurants, guess I am way behind the times. Burley says that people tend to eat more slowly and consume less food when the are not glued to the TV.

As if it isn't bad enough that may people that go out to eat and supposedly enjoy each others company, they often spend time sending and receiving text messages, and now if the restaurants are adding TV's, maybe both should be part of the food pyramid at the top and a wide area added at the bottom for conversation and many servings of conversation.

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