01 February 2011

Entire Affordable Care Act Declared Unconstitutional

Now the waters have really been stirred. A federal judge in Florida today declared the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. People are now asking that this be fast tracked to the US Supreme Court. In addition the Justice Department is asking for a stay while it is being appealed. Continue to watch the news on this one. If everything continues, this could reach the Supreme Court this fall, or earlier, instead of mid-2012.

Of course this is what the Democrats want, as they do not want this just before the next general election. They want it decided now to prevent this being an issue in the general election. Then maybe people's memories will forget about it. We will need to see, as the Supreme Court may make this a moot issue if they decide that the law is unconstitutional.

This could make the next election very interesting and hopefully those elected will follow the wishes of the people.

If you are interested, you may read this from Medscape published on January 31.

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