11 February 2011

Fast Food Advertising Dangerous to Health

How do you feel with the barrage of fast food advertising we are getting in our faces every day? I know I don't appreciate it, and for a variety of reasons. There are others that are writing about this and many studies showing the problems of fast food on our psyche.

Although this is not fast food, it is added to fast foods in generous quantities. I am talking about high fructose corn syrup which has changed its name to corn sugar. In general, depending on the programs that I view on TV, I often see their advertising two more more times per evening.

While sugar may be sugar as they advertise it, corn sugar is very dangerous for those of us with diabetes. But of course this is not mentioned in the advertising, nor do they mention all the foods that corn sugar is added to when it is not needed. Corn sugar does not need to be part of the foods, but the corn industry wants us to believe it is not dangerous for those of us with diabetes as it is just sugar. What makes this so deceptive is that as they make this statement of sugar is sugar, an adult is always reaching down and picking up a child as if to say, they know best for their child's food safety. I don't think so!

Jon Barron has a lengthy article about junk food and the extremes that some of the companies use to convince people how good their junk foods are. I will let you read his article here. I agree with what he is saying and followed some of his links so see how deceptive some of the sites are, and they are very deceptive in luring our youngsters in and giving them something to do.

Then you know that the young people will want their parents to take them to these places. Jon does an excellent job of laying out how our government is subsidizing the corn industry and helping them promote corn sugar. Even my wife is now learning how to read labels and avoiding HFCS and related products when they say corn solids and corn additives.

We both are avoiding more and more foods that are loaded with additives and junk food ingredients. We are spending more time in the fresh fruit and vegetable section and less time in the rest of the grocery isles.

Another blog about the grocery isles and problems in the rest of our world is this by Pine Pienaar of South Africa.

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