11 January 2011

Report on ADA Standards of Care

Well, the latest standards of care defining the types of diabetes did not change much. I have to wonder about those serving on the board or panel making these decisions. They have had the opportunity to make some significant changes and better identify the types of diabetes, but they seem to wallow in the past and so nothing substantial to clarify and make some generally accepted changes that are needed have even been attempted.

I know that I have no medical training and probably being looked down some noses that are in power, but when people are so entrenched in dogma and not interested in the progress of diabetes, then I say it is time for changes. These are times when the problem of diabetes is becoming a pandemic world-wide and needs action.

I may have rocks in my head, but my ire is directed at the American Diabetes Association where the powers that be have their heads buried in the sand.

The only change of note in the standards of care presented in September 2010 and published near the end of December 2010, is the change in how gestational diabetes should be diagnosed and treated. This is at least one thing that did need updating for that I am glad.

There are some minor changes to other provisions and I will try to cover them in the future.

Read the January 2009 standards here and the December 2010 standards here. The press release article is here.

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