15 January 2011

The Deadly Diets

Think what you are eating is healthy? This is a study that points out a lot of problems in the different types of diets. This only scratches the surface in my opinion and needs much more attention. Why this study choose the elderly is somewhat of a mystery, other that they were looking for death to happen for the success of their study.

Yes, I think that is the answer, by selecting adults between the ages of 70 to 79 their chances of saying deadly diets would have been a lot less accurate and they would have had to reach for some of their conclusions.

They do have some valid food groupings; however, they failed in their descriptions of the quantity of food consumed. If the food intake levels of calories were above normal, then the results may well be skewed.

All items considered, this study does not really solve anything and if this was rewritten from a press release, then the study was poorly constructed and gives us minimal reliance on their findings. The only thing giving this any credibility is the number of participants and the fact that the eating patterns were monitored by the researchers.

You may read the article here. I dislike reporting on this type of study, but felt that more should read this for the experience of seeing how studies can be set up to get desired results.

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