12 May 2010

Metformin - A New Use?

An article in Diabetes Health, dated May 4, 2010 should cause a lot of relief if it is confirmed by more studies. Many people with type 2 diabetes and some with type 1 diabetes (have insulin resistance) are presently taking Metformin. If these findings hold up, many more people may be taking Metformin, but not for diabetes. The findings by the University of Cincinnati states that Metformin could by used as a treatment for certain types of cancer (as of yet unnamed).

Added 5/13/10  An article in Reuters presented by BD UPdate says that women who have taken metformin have a lower risk of breast cancer.  Newsletter is dated 5/6/10.  See article here.

Although not mentioned, those people now taking Metformin will have to wonder if this will help prevent these cancers for them.  More research should now be forthcoming.

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