30 December 2010

Will I Allow Spam?

The issue finally reared it ugly head on a recent post here.  I have seen other bloggers allow some of the advertisements that appear this way.  While it is not something that I like, I will continue to have comments monitored for this reason.  I will delete spam.

I will admit that this was for products fitting the blog, I am having a hard time convincing myself that I should allow these. To begin with, the reason I wrote the blog was to let people know that this is not a cure for diabetes, Type 2, as some are claiming for bariatric surgery.

To me they are promoting this as a way to have more people do unnecessary surgery to bring in more money for surgeons and referring doctors. Many people go this route as an easy way to lose weight rather than following a strict regimen of exercise and nutrition. What many don't realize is that bariatric surgery requires an even more strict nutritional diet to gain the benefits and if they go off this, there are severe consequences to pay health-wise.

So for the future, I will closely monitor comments to prevent spam. I will weigh the posts for positive support, but I haven't seen any yet that qualify for this. Personal comments are still welcome. I have not had any that I felt compelled to delete other than spam.

And then again, I was not aware of how slick some of these people can be. I actually thought someone wanted to carry on a discussion about homeopathy, but it was all a rouse to spout their homeopathic religion. I had to delete the posts after I realized the purpose. The person was not interested in any discussion, only to spout the homeopathic way and none of the disadvantages. This is a type of spam and I will not allow it.

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