27 December 2010

New Way to Control Blood Sugar Levels?

Normally I dislike writing about topics in the development stage. This topic is an exception for me. It is not quite the breakthrough on a cure level, but may have implications of importance for future treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

There are still unanswered questions about the level of pancreas output of insulin and whether this will be for the very early diagnosed only or will have factor in any treatment of those who already have reduced insulin capabilities. This should still be of interest to everyone in the Type 2 community.

They have discovered a protein that is present on the cells that release insulin and this protein has to be active. The protein named M3-muscarinic receptor is not only active, but must undergo a specific change to trigger insulin release for the control of blood sugar. They are testing to see if this change is one of the mechanisms disrupted in diabetes.

Read the article here.

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