25 November 2010

More Prognostications About Diabetes - 1

Everyone this fall and because this is Diabetes Awareness Month is making forecasts for the potential size of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic. I doubt that the predictions are accurate, but this still leaves a lot of people that will develop diabetes. We don't even want to think of the costs this will generate.

A study by United Health Group (UHG) predicts a $3.35 trillion cost over the next ten years. Ouch!, and Double ouch! At least the the study did have some positives and hopefully some of them will happen.

When I read about the health industry (at stated by United Health Group) needing to become proactive in preventative care – you could have knocked me over. This goes against their past philosophies by 180 degrees and even what they practice today that I have to wonder “up who's are they blowing smoke”? If they had said that they would deny claims for people overweight, I might have believed them, no way, in the past they have said and done what they wanted to without regard to the benefit of their consumers or policy holders.

Now I have to speculate about why. Is it because of the Affordable Care Act that has the insurance industry saying things it would not otherwise even consider? Or are there actually enlightened people at the helms of some of the companies? Or is this a form of advertising to get new clients and then stick it to them? I will let you decide what is driving the insurance industry after you have read the articles.

According to the report, UHG has been quietly tackling some preventive measures, but on the peripheries. I say if they are really serious, they should be more vocal and up front about it. They should openly challenge others in the insurance industry to participate and get out in the open about their efforts.

Read about the new article here and the full 60 page report here.

This is the first part of at least two parts.

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