22 November 2010

Diabetics Underusing Statins

Oh really??? While I would like to get my hands on this study and see if this is really correct, I do have to wonder who paid for the study? If a study finds something like this being underused, it may not be a good thing.

Just because roughly a third of eligible patients with Type 2 diabetes do not receive a statin, does not mean that they should. I am taking a statin because I have cardiovascular problems that make it necessary. Two friends with Type 2, are not on statins and have no problems with cholesterol or triglycerides. When we read this, they had a good laugh.

They both expressed the desire to remain off medications if at all possible. One has been talked to about taking statins, but has refused and the other has not been talked to. Both are still controlling their diabetes with exercise and nutrition and are not on any other medications.

While many patients with Type 2 diabetes are at risk for cardiovascular problems, I sincerely wonder if statins are the answer if lipid tests are normal. If cholesterol tests show an increase, then it should be watched and statins may be appropriate. Giving someone statins just because they have diabetes and qualify does not seem right.

This article lists no standards for normal cholesterol levels or where statins should be considered and without the full text, I am hesitant to criticize too much more. Just seems like this could be bad advice.

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