21 October 2010

Role for Salsalate?

A medication that has been available for quite a few years, salsalate is getting another look for diabetes and reducing the risk of diabetes. But before getting too interested, learn about the side effects and problems associated with salsalate. I have to wonder what is driving these people to promote a drug as dangerous as this drug for diabetes.

It is being used with some success for severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other conditions causing swelling. While it is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication it is not a medication to be taken lightly. The largest concern is its interaction with many of the medications that those at risk for diabetes, especially the young and young adults.

Please read the following article carefully. Read the following section very carefully titled “What special precautions should I follow?”, and the “Important Warning” section at the start. This medication may interfere with certain lab tests possibly causing false test results like thyroid hormone levels.

So I would warn you to carefully read the two articles I have linked to above. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to tell your doctor, pharmacist, and anyone preforming any surgical procedure what and all medications, supplements, and herbal remedies you are taking. Especially if salsalate is even mentioned for prescription.

While the article lays out some good ideas, but apparently even a respected medical center is not above putting a spin on something for study money. They mention a study, but not any substantial facts relating to the study. Then when you follow the link at the bottom of this article – it takes you to a place to sign up for the study.

This is another case of follow the money. This also shows how easy it is to get drawn in by Popular Press Spins. Thank goodness for Gretchen Becker's Blog. And yes, I spent too much time on this one, but I did get an good education about salsalate.  I have to thank Gretchen for her blog and what it has taught me.

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