19 October 2010

Diabetes and Self-Esteem

This topic is in support of George “The Ninjabetic”. After reading his post of October 18, 2010, I could not reply. Why? Because I have not had his problem. Self-esteem issues, yes in other areas, but never because of diabetes.

His blog is excellent and I have to wish him well for expressing some feelings that many others must also overcome. Go over and read his blog.

Many people with diabetes often can have problems with self-esteem because of diabetes. From the comments to his blog, this is a problem for many people with diabetes and needs to be talked about, and not just by those suffering self-esteem issues.

Even though I have not had self-esteem issues because of diabetes does not mean that I cannot understand where he is coming from. I am glad that the diabetes online community has given him so much support and has in a way helped him recognize and define this problem.

I think that developing diabetes late in life has some effect and helps many of us to avoid some problems, but there are still many problems that can overtake us. I think feeling generally good about myself helps in so many ways. But, yes, always an exception, it does not prevent depression, but could well be why I overcome it more easily.

Hold your head up high George! You've earned the right.

Before I close this I would invite you to read a delightful blog by Mike Durbin dated October 17, 2010. He is doing this for Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day.

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