16 October 2010

Diabetes Websites Having Financial Problems

The current financial crises is now having its effects on some of our diabetes web sites many of us have come to enjoy, depend on, and learn from. So far as of October 13, 2010, I have noticed that three excellent diabetes sites are working to shore up their advertising, realigning some schedules, and another two actually is not there anymore. For the two that finally pulled the plug, I say goodbye. I have noticed one of them in the last year go from a fair site to a poor site.

I don't know the details, which is good, but the signs are there that financially they are not as sound as a few months ago. When they start paying for surveys and enlist Amazon dot com to offer certificates to bribe participation this leads to speculation. Also when news letters start going from at least weekly to monthly, this is another tell tale sign.

I will be very disappointed to see one of the three sites fall off completely. It has provided much in the way of excellent information and an outlet for several excellent writers. But in this depressed economy, there are bound to be some casualties. I do not intend to point a finger at any of them and I hope that I am wrong about two of them.

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