07 September 2010

This is a venting post

Warning! This is a post that is a venting of some frustration, so if you chose not to read it, I will understand.

On one of the forums I do occasionally participate on, I took a cheap shot at someone by asking them to stop being a poster person for poor diabetes care. Am I sorry for this, yes, and sincerely so.

I admit that this person's attitude led me to make this statement. When people have doctors that apparently do not understand diabetes and think an A1c of 7.6% is prediabetes and that he does not need a referral to another doctor for poor blood glucose control or for the neuropathy, I tend to let my emotions get the best of me. This doctor also stated that there was no hope for the neuropathy and he/she should learn to live with it. (I am working on a blog about neuropathy for the future).

The person then stated in a later post that there was no willingness or energy to be as diligent in the control as another poster had suggested by stating his experience (and about 60 years as a type 1 is worthy of recognition). Again this added to my emotions. I did not express what I thought about this statement on the forum as I would have probably have overstated my thoughts. Does the word “lazy” fit this discussion or lack of motivation may fit more appropriately.

When the person originally posted, she/he was concerned primarily about the pain from the neuropathy, which was a legitimate concern. Then to make the statements that were made after several posts that were made with some valid positive suggestions, opened the door for my comments.

Yes, I stated that the diabetes loved this person and had been given the green light to take over the body and do its damage. Wounds would not heal, and amputation was on the horizon. The kidneys would be unable to their task and dialysis would follow. Next, there would be problems with the eyesight and blindness was around the corner. I failed to mention the problems with the heart would happen.

This person is just a few years older than myself, but I should have had compassion and offered some positive advice, but when it has been previously offered and seemingly ignored or refused because the person in not inclined to do it, I changed my approach and made my statements. I have in the past been successful with this approach, but this one was not willing to listen.

While I think this person has accepted their fate and will not be proactive in their care, it bothers me that they make posts wanting help, but then will not accept the thoughts and suggestions of others. Yes, most of the people on most forums are proactive and positive, yet when the they offer good suggestions, they are too often ignored.

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  1. Bob,I was as appalled as you were that a doctor would consider an A1c of 7.6 as prediabetic.