08 September 2010

Fresh fish vs fish oil capsules, and exercise

This is a good article by a dietitian that I had not read before. While she may at times be controversial, she is doing some topics correctly. So at this time I will cover two of her blogs. The first is written on September 6, 2010 and the second is from June 24, 2010. She has been blogging since May 2010.

The first is on the subject of fish oil and whether it is more effective to take fish oil capsules or get the oil from fresh fish. The study she quotes shows that one is not better than the other. The only comments by Dr Harris of the University of South Dakota was that even though there was no difference in which the participants had, he would still recommend the fresh fish over the fish oil. Emilia Klapp R.D. then discussed the benefits of fish oil for the heart and it properties for reducing inflammation.

The other blog of interest is titled “Your Safest Diabetes Type 2 Treatment: Exercise”.
This is mixed in with other blogs about exercise which definitely shows that she understands the importance of exercise for people with diabetes and for this I am giving her high marks.

A surprising thing that she has not said is that we must eat a set number of carbohydrates. She has at least for now avoided that topic. She is the person that did an interview with Scott Strange of Strangely Diabetic on August 5, 2010.

For now, I will continue to read her blog and enjoy what she has to say.

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