07 June 2010

Television ads promote unhealthy foods and diets

Having watched more than my share of TV, I can attest to the title of the Health Scout dot com article “TV Food Ads Promote Bad Diets”. While I don't analyze the ads in the manner these researchers did, it is interesting to note their findings.

Quoting from the article - "The results of this study suggest the foods advertised on television tend to oversupply nutrients associated with chronic illness -- e.g., saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium -- and undersupply nutrients that help protect against illness -- e.g., fiber, Vitimins A, E and D, calcium and potassium", I have to wonder at the wording “results suggest”.

While this is not the last of or the first of these studies, it still points out the problems we have with out food supply. Of the two ads I viewed yesterday, a trip to the grocery store makes me agree that these researchers know what they are talking about when they mention chronic illness.

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